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Asset Management Plan 2018

A blue cover of a document with a white keystone shape outlined and the words "Asset Management Plan 2018"

Our Asset Management Plan 2018 outlines the continued preservation, maintenance and conservation of more than 300 buildings and monuments across the length and breadth of Scotland. 

It also outlines the steps we're taking to maintain not just the historic properties and structures in its care, but modern infrastructure such as car parks, visitor facing facilities, mechanical and electrical installations that are critical to its operations.

The Plan has four distinct objectives:

  • to improve assets and manage infrastructure through conservation

  • to maintain a consistently high quality visitor experience

  • to understand and communicate the cultural significance of our assets

  • deliver wider benefits and opportunities through asset management in areas such as economic, knowledge generation, community engagement, sustainability and innovation.

The Asset Management Plan has been produced alongside the Investment Plan 2018.