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Consultation Report: Iona I

Designation of Historic Marine Protected Areas under the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010

Consultation Report: Iona I

The Marine (Scotland) Act 2010 includes powers to conserve Scotland’s outstanding marine environment through a system of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). Historic MPAs can be used to designate marine historic assets of national importance – for example historic shipwrecks. In December 2015, we provided advice to Marine Scotland relating to the proposed designation of the wreck of the Clyde built paddle steamer Iona I, Upper Clyde Estuary, as a Historic Marine Protected Area. 

The consultation was undertaken by Historic Environment Scotland in its role as advisor to Marine Scotland on marine historic environment issues and the public consultation on this proposal has now been completed (closed on 24 May 2016).

The results of the consultation as set out in this consultation report have been provided along with our final advice to Marine Scotland.

The decision on whether to designate the Iona I as a Historic Marine Protected Area will be taken by Scottish Ministers.

  • Date Published:

    09 September 2016
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    Historic Environment Scotland
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    Corporate, Consultation
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