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Places: Glenrothes Town Art

Places: Glenrothes Town Art

In 2010-11, Historic Environment Scotland worked with Fife Council to study the public town art in Glenrothes. Dating from 1965 to the present, Glenrothes has a distinctive and diverse collection of art works set within a carefully planned urban landscape. Often taking the history of the area as its inspiration, the art defines the identity of the town.

The study has highlighted the importance of Glenrothes in the story of Scotland’s public art and also tells us much about the development of our five New Towns. The works are unique, but can also be appreciated as a collective whole.

We assessed 140 artworks and as a result of the project four sculptures were listed. 

Download our booklet about Glenrothes Town Art and search our Heritage Portal for listed sculptures in Glenrothes.

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