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Resumption Operating Standards

Front cover of Resumption Operating Standards

Our Resumption Operating Standards (which replaces the former Minimum Operating Standards) aligns with a range of corporate policies, advice on management of properties and our Educational Assets. The document took effect in September 2021 to support COVID-19 Level 0 operations.

The guidance aligns with a range of corporate policies, including our Health and Safety Policy, our Asset Management Plan, HR Policies and our Compliance Framework. This policy and guidance is based on a wide range of advice and guidance,  including Scottish Government advice and best practice, as adopted or developed by HES.

This policy will be reviewed on an ongoing basis to reflect updates to guidance, legislation and best practice. It will also be updated as apt to take into account any issues identified in risk assessments and in practice.

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    27 September 2021
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    Historic Environment Scotland
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    Corporate, Operational Policy
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