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Refurbishment Case Study 36

Kinneil House, Bo’ness

A cover page with an image of repair works in a garden outside a large, historic building

This Refurbishment Case Study describes the work completed on an orchard wall with hot-mixed mortar. This work is part of a hot-mixed mortar trial programme intended to progress knowledge of hot lime mortars in historic and traditionally built structures. 

The extent of the work was considerable. Approximately 40m of retaining wall was dismantled and re-built. The mortar was flush pointed, making a much smoother and flatter looking wall, with a brighter, lighter colour visually, due to the increased surface of lime. 

As with other trial projects, this learning process using a different type of lime mortar proved to be an important part of the project, in addition to enhancing the protection of the wall.

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    Planners and Owners, Conservation and Heritage Enthusiasts
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    18 September 2019
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    Technical, Advice & Guidance, Case Study, Refurbishment Case Studies
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