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Register of Assets

A blue cover page with Register of Assets and last updated 15 July 2024

In our Register of Assets, we provide details of all the land and buildings that are eligible for Asset Transfer. They are listed in this document by Council area.

Community bodies can make an Asset Transfer Request for assets owned or leased by us, or that we manage on behalf of Scottish Ministers.

Many of the properties in our care are owned or leased by Scottish Ministers, meaning they are eligible for Asset Transfer.

The land and buildings that we own or lease are ancillary properties such as car parks and works depots, visitor centres and outbuildings. These are eligible for Asset Transfer and are also listed in our Register of Assets.

This document should be referred to in combination with our Asset Transfer Policy Statement and Guidance.

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    Corporate Interest Users
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    04 April 2018
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    15 July 2024
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    Historic Environment Scotland
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    Corporate, Operational Policy
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