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Mary Was Here

Where Mary Queen of Scots Went and What She Did There

Mary Was Here

Mary Queen of Scots is the most famous and most mythologised figure in Scottish history. 

Her ascent to the throne at six days old, her renowned beauty, her troubled reign, her three doomed marriages and her execution for treason – all of these have contributed to her unique celebrity. Mary spent less than half her life in Scotland, and her personal reign lasted less than six years. 

Yet her footprints are to be found all over the country, from Inverness Castle in the north-east, where she subdued a rebellion, to Dundrennan Abbey in the south-west, where she spent her final hours on Scottish soil. 

This fast-paced, accessible and extensively illustrated book traces Mary’s life through specific episodes at specific places on specific dates. It charts her Scottish travels in detail– including a full directory of places to visit –as well as her years in France and England. 

There are also short sections exploring subjects close to Mary’s heart: faith and worship, sickness and health, politics and power – and of course sumptuous clothing and priceless jewellery. 

Discover the true story of this remarkable woman through the long and colourful journey of her life.

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    28 June 2013
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    Historic Scotland
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    Book (General)
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    Andrew Burnet

    Andrew is the Content Editor and Standards Manager at Historic Environment Scotland.

    Sally Gall

    Sally is an Interpretation Officer at Historic Environment Scotland.

    Nicki Scott

    Nicki is a Cultural Resources Advisor at Historic Environment Scotland.
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    ISBN: 9781849171304
    120pp, portrait, 270mm x 235mm
    250 illustrations (full colour)
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