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Waste and Resources Plan

Towards a circular economy (2022-2025)

an aerial image of visitors at Urquhart Castle on the banks of Loch Ness, with the text: "Waste and Resources Plan. Towards a circular economy (2022-2025)" and the HES logo

The Historic Environment Scotland (HES) Waste and Resources Plan is our organisation’s action plan aimed to accelerate our journey towards becoming a more circular organisation where we design circular principles, resource efficiency and waste reduction into everything we do. 

The purpose of this plan is to minimise our demand on new materials by making the most of what we already have and maximising repair, reuse and recycling. It outlines our vision for how we will manage waste and resources and the actions we will take to meet our waste and climate targets. 

The plan is for our organisation, although the principles it contains may be of interest to others.