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Edinburgh Castle in the Modern Era: Presenting Meanings

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This paper explores the origins of Edinburgh Castle as a visitor attraction, how it has developed and changed since the 19th century and how the stories we tell at the castle have also changed over time, shaped by those who have managed the site.

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    Members, Researchers, Educators, Visitors, Conservation and Heritage Enthusiasts
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    05 August 2019
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    Historic Environment Scotland
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    Edinburgh Castle Research Reports
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    Events, Places, People, Sites
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    R. J. Morris

    R. J. Morris taught economic and social history for many years at Edinburgh University and remains professor emeritus. He has written widely on the middle classes, urban development and associational culture. Research and writing involves civil and uncivil society in Edinburgh and Belfast together with a focus on the ‘historic’ buildings of the Royal Mile, notably Edinburgh Castle and John Knox House, and what happened to them in the 19th century. He is editor of the Book of the Old Edinburgh Club. He was president of the European Association of Urban Historians, 2000–2, is president of the Economic and Social History Society of Scotland and patron of the Thoresby Society of Leeds.
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    Archaeology, History, Scotland, British and Irish History