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Machrie Moor Stone Circles Statement of Significance

Front cover of Machrie Moore Stone Circles & Moss Farm Road Stone Circle Statement of Significance

Historic Environment Scotland Statements of Significance are documents outlining the history and development of Scotland's Properties in Care. They highlight the key features that make the properties special.

The statements highlight the key features that make the properties special. We’re continually revising them, so they vary in length, format and level of detail.

Many were compiled some time ago and some are very much a work in progress.

We try to take a holistic approach to the Properties in Care. As well as being nationally important because of their cultural significance, they can:

  • stand as well-loved local landmarks

  • provide habitats for rare or endangered species

  • provide spectacular images of Scotland which add to our national identity

The statements aim to articulate these values. They inform our conservation work, provide a basis for interpreting the site to visitors, and highlight areas where more research is needed.