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Building Scotland

Celebrating Scotland's Traditional Building Materials

Building Scotland

This volume celebrates for the first time the raw materials which have been employed in forming Scotland's traditional buildings. In total 14 different materials are examined, including stone, timber, iron, clay and slate, with each being discussed by an expert.

  • Audiences:

    Conservation and Heritage Enthusiasts
  • Date Published:

    01 January 2010
  • Publisher:

    Historic Scotland
  • Publication Types:

    Book (General)
  • Author(s):

    Moses Jenkins

    Moses is a Senior Technical Officer with Historic Environment Scotland. He has degrees in history from Stirling and Glasgow universities and has a PhD in Scottish Traditional Brickwork from the University of Dundee.
  • Format(s):

    ISBN: 9780859767101
    196pp, portrait, 287mm x 245mm
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  • Subjects:

    Architecture, History, Scotland