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Inform Guide: Lime and Cement in Traditional Mortars

Lime and Cement Mortars

This INFORM guide focuses on two commonly used mortar types in Scotland: lime mortars and cement mortars, and the impact that the use of these materials has on stone-built structures. An overview of the physical properties of both mortar types is given, as well as an indication of their technical suitability for use with traditional stone masonry. Selecting a suitable mortar for repair works is important for the conservation of traditional buildings and for preventing masonry decay associated with the use of incompatible materials.

  • Audiences:

    Planners and Owners, Conservation and Heritage Enthusiasts
  • Date Published:

    13 October 2016
  • Publisher:

    Historic Scotland
  • Publication Types:

    Technical, Advice & Guidance, INFORM Guide
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    Download PDF

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