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Historic Land-use Assessment of Scotland 1996-2015

Front cover of Historic Land-use Assessment of Scotland 1996-2015

This publication is the companion to the 'A History of Scotland’s Landscapes'. The book explores the many ways that we have used, adapted and altered our environment over thousands of years. 

This publication allows readers to drill down into these landscapes, examining the details of the Historic Land-use Assessment ‘land-use types’, and including short essays on each by expert authors. 

Full of maps, photographs and drawings, the volume is for those interested in getting under the skin of our landscapes, analysing the relationship between past and present, and finding out some of the reasons why the landscapes we have inherited look as they do. This level of understanding is essential to manage our changing landscapes, and also in drawing out the stories locked within them. The publication is not just about the past: Historic Land-use Assessment is also being used to analyse how landscapes are changing over time, particularly in light of climate change.

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    Researchers, Educators, Planners and Owners, Conservation and Heritage Enthusiasts
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    09 April 2019
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    Historic Environment Scotland
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    Research and Study Report
  • Author(s):

    Piers Dixon and Lesley Macinnes

    Recently retired after almost 30 years with HES and its predecessor, Piers Dixon is an archaeologist with extensive experience researching, investigating, recording and writing about Scotland’s landscapes. Dr Dixon managed the Historic Land-use Assessment project for the whole of its 19-year creation. Dr Lesley Macinnes, also recently retired from HES, and formerly a Principal Inspector of Historic Monuments with Historic Scotland, invested much of her career in the management and curation of Scotland’s historic landscapes, including being closely involved in the delivery of the Historic Land-use Assessment project. In addition to the two main authors, the volume includes contributions from over 20 colleagues.
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    Archaeology, History, Landscape Archaeology