Telling stories in Gaelic

Take your spoken stories to the next level with helpful tips from Gaelic storyteller Magaidh Smith

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Stories have been told over centuries and spoken storytelling a huge part of Gaelic culture. There are even annual storytelling competitions taking place across Scotland to this day.

Spoken storytelling takes many forms and have been told in many different places and occasions: grand feasts, weddings, around fires and, of course, as bedtime stories.

We believe anyone can be a storyteller and, like any art form, it can take a bit of practice. That’s why we asked a wonderful Gaelic storyteller, Magaidh Smith, to share top tips in a video.

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Top tips for storytelling

Get inspired by Magaidh Smith, a traditional storyteller. Here are her 5 top tips to help you tell your wonderful story. 

The video is in Gaelic but you can download the transcript in English

Who tells Scotland's stories?

Did you know that as well as storytelling being a hobby, it can be important to know how to tell a story as part of your job!

Read some top tips from storytellers about telling a story, and the people who work at Historic Environment Scotland.