Fort Charlotte and Scott

Scott visited Lerwick on his voyage around Scotland in 1814

Fort Charlotte overlooks the strategic Sound of Bressay, Shetland. Construction began in 1665 to defend the sound against Dutch and later French warships.

Reflecting on his visit, Scott wrote that Fort Charlotte was 'garrisoned of late by two companies of veterans'. However, his poetry focused more on the wildness of the weather and the situation.

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Listen to 'Storm Arryd'

Listen to Walter Scott’s poetic reflections on visiting Lerwick in 1814.

Read 'Storm Arryd'

‘Here rise no groves, and here no gardens grow
But rocks on rocks in mist and storm arryd
Stretch far to sea their giant colonnade,
With many a cavern seam’d’

Sir Walter Scott - Celebrating 250 Years

In 2021-22, Scotland celebrates the 250th anniversary of one of its most famous sons, Sir Walter Scott. This online exhibition and audio trail of his legacies is part of the celebrations.

'Rocks on Rocks' has been performed by Edinburgh actor Gavin Paul, who is looking forward to visiting some of these important historical sights.