St Anthony’s Chapel

A place of pilgrimage in the park.

St Anthony’s Chapel is a familiar feature in the Edinburgh landscape. But why is it there, and what significance did it have for the pilgrims who visited it? Watch Trudi’s British Sign Language (BSL) story of the chapel, then discover how she uses the grammar of BSL to tell its tale.

The story of St Anthony’s Chapel

Trudi uses BSL to tell the story of St Anthony’s chapel, its history and significance in the Edinburgh landscape.

Directional Verbs in BSL

BSL Linguist Robert Adam explains how directional verbs (a sign that includes the subject, verb and object in one movement) are used in telling the story of the chapel.

Placement in BSL

Discover how ‘placement’ is used to add detail into BSL signs.

Enumeration in BSL

Robert explains how enumeration (numbered lists) are used as a memory aid in BSL.

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A partnership project

This project has been produced in partnership between Historic Environment Scotland and King’s College London, and aims to raise awareness of the performative richness of BSL as a visual language.