David and the Stag

The legend of how Holyrood Park got its name.

See the British Sign Language (BSL) story of how an encounter between King David and a stag gave Holyrood Park its name, and discover how signers use signing space to create atmosphere and drama in BSL.

The story of David and the stag

Trudi tells how King David gave Holyrood Park its name, after a mysterious encounter with a stag while out hunting.

Using signing space in BSL

BSL linguist Robert Adam shows how signing space – the limited space in front of you – is used in British Sign Language.

Creating atmosphere and drama in BSL

Robert describes how facial expression and performance adds atmosphere, contrast and drama to BSL stories.

Embodied Language in BSL 

BSL linguist Robert Adam explains how people take on characters to tell stories in sign language.

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This project has been produced in partnership between Historic Environment Scotland and King’s College London, and aims to raise awareness of the performative richness of BSL as a visual language.