Recumbent grave marker with interlace frame carved in relief and incised monsters carved on side. The upper face forms a tapered slab top with central blank recessed panel and socket. Slab framed by flat band moulding. At head of stone, a border of spiral work, and next to it, the socket for a cross. The long sides of the frame have interlace work, and a border of spiral work across the bottom.

The side is incised with a frieze of figures. At the right end, a naked man with prominent ribs falls upside down, his head now missing.

Beside this is a man standing with arms out stretched, with each hand in the jaws of a monster. The right monster has a dog-like face with pointed teeth, outlined snout and chin, large pointed ear and striped mane with a double outline around body. The man between the beasts has his body facing but head in profile. Prominent crest of hair (not curled). What should be a pointed beard on his chin may be a long extended tongue, like the blood drinker on VIG007. The beast on the left has a dog-like face, sharp teeth, rounded ear, and tail curled over his back. To the left of this is a devilish-looking head in profile, with long pointed chin and nose. There appears to be the trace of an incised rectangular frame between this man and the beast to the right.

To the left of the break are two beast heads in profile, back to back. The animal facing right has long pointed ears, the animal facing left has a long beak and round head, like a sea bird.

On display at St Vigeans Museum, Angus.


1660 x 485 x 170mm
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St Vigeans
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