Dating from around 450 this is the oldest surviving Christian memorial in Scotland. It was erected to Latinus and his little daughter, and may have stood in the nearby early Christian cemetery. The inscription reads TE DOMINVM/ LAVDAMVS/ LATINVS/ ANNORVM/ XXXV ET/ FILIA SVA/ ANNIV/ ICSINUM/ FECERVNT/ NEPVS/ BARROVA/ DI, translating as We praise you, the Lord! Latinus, descendant of Barravados, aged 35, and his daughter, aged 4, made a sign here. Latinus is the first Christian in Scotland whose name we know, and his stone is clear evidence of a group of Christians at Whithorn as early as 450. The memorial is built in a Roman style and Latinus is a Roman name, although his ancestor had a local Celtic name. There are traces of the Christian chi-rho symbol above the lettering. This is carved in the early, six-armed Constantinian form, indicating the stone’s early date and its close connections to the Roman world. This stone was later re-used in the walls of the medieval cathedral, and was rediscovered in 1890.


Date Made
5th century
1570 x 520 x 220mm
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Whithorn Priory Museum
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