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Tomb slab of Anna MacLean, Prioress of the Augustinian nunnery on the Isle of Iona. This rare representation of a sixteenth century prioress shows her wearing a closely pleated rochet, a type of surplice, over a cassock, an eccelsiastical jacket, and beneath a monastic cloak. This is fastened at the neck by a clasp known as a morse. The lower panel of the slab has been lost, but the full inscription is likely to have read: ‘Here lies Lady Anna, daughter of Donald, son of Charles, sometime Prioress of Iona, who died in the year 1543. We commend her soul to the All-Highest……’ On the central band at her feet is: ‘Holy Mary, pray for me’


Date Made
w 660mm (w 2' 2")
Property Information
Iona Abbey
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