Used as a grave slab, this 14th-century stone bears a sculpture of Gilbride, chief of the Mackinnons. The Lombardic lettering translates as: ‘Here lies Gilbride MacKinnon with his sons Ewan and Cornebellus’. The Mackinnon family ruled the island of Iona on behalf of the MacDonalds, with family members in critical roles at Iona Abbey.

Gilbride wears a coif (metal skullcap) and pointed basinet (steel helmet). His right hand grasps a spear and a sword is hung from a belt. On his left arm, he carries a shield. This shows a galley ship, with its pennant flying, an otter chasing a salmon, and a Iion. The feet are clad in armour, with buckled straps at the ankle for spurs.

Animals and foliage decorate the surface of the memorial on either side of the figure.


Date Made
14th century
2100 x 640 x 235mm
Time Period
Property Information
Iona Abbey
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