Shaft fragment from a Pictish cross slab. On front side is a key-pattern cross on reverse side the figure of a cleric holding book.

The margins on the front face are filled with loose zoomorphic interlace with a beast on each side biting its own tail. On lower left is front paw of a beast in profile, facing the cross. Bottom right is a shape that might be a claw, facing cross.

The reverse side features a cleric seated in a chair with high back posts and a rectangular seat. His head, shoulders and feet are missing. He wears a long garment with linear drapery folds and clasps a book with both hands, his right hand horizontal, his left hand clasping the book from below. His skirt billows out to the left. On display with other Pictish stones at St Vigeans Museum, Angus.


365 x 380 x 130mm
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St Vigeans
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