Cross slab, nearly complete, from St Ninian’s Cave. On the front is a cross with expanded arms separated by circles. The cross is covered on head and shaft with stopped plait interlace, and uses the ring twist design commonly seen on the Whithorn crosses. This is the only slab from St Ninian’s Cave which is decorated with interlace. There were originally two lines of Anglian runes at the base, but only the word (WR)OTE (‘made’) now remains. The inscription probably originally read ‘[name] made me.’ This may have been a headstone, erected to mark the grave of some monk or hermit buried here. It could equally have been a dedicatory monument, perhaps marking the entrance to the chapel. This stone has several features in common with 11, which belongs to the period before the ‘Whithorn School’ style became fixed. Both stones are carved with runic inscriptions, and have similar interlace designs on the head and cable moulding up the sides. On display in Whithorn Priory Museum, Dumfries and Galloway.


Date Made
11th century
710 x 245 x 110mm
Property Information
Whithorn Priory Museum
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