Cross shaft which is filled with a panel of interlace, the strands of which are marked with a central groove and are carved in the stopped plait style. A single pellet occurs near the lower right hand corner. The back is decorated in a similar fashion, but unusually is not symmetrical.

Only the base of the circular head remains. This shows that it was plain with a beaded outline, and the arms were separated by circular holes.

At the foot of the shaft there is a tenon, which secured the cross into its stone base. This cross was found built into a barn at Kirkland of Longcastle, South Machars, on the site of a former parish church. Numerous crosses carved in the distinctive Whithorn style were sent to outlying churches throughout the Machars. They help us to understand the reach of ecclesiastical control exercised from Whithorn. ‘Whithorn School’ monuments like this one were probably carved during a fairly short period between 900AD and 1100AD. On display in the Whithorn Priory Museum, Whithorn, Dumfries and Galloway.


Date Made
Early 11th century
1650 x 520 x 90mm
Property Information
Whithorn Priory Museum
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