Disk-headed cross with broad shaft. The head is carved on both sides with a plain cross which has expanded arms and a central boss. There are circular spaces between the arms. On each face of the shaft is a panel of interlace with a ring twist design. This type of interlace pattern, consisting of simple plaited strands bound together by free rings was particularly popular at Whithorn. It gives the impression of rather complicated interlace but is simpler to accomplish. This cross is one of only two disk-headed cross-slabs to retain its head. ‘Whithorn School’ monuments like this one were probably carved during a fairly short period between 900AD and 1100AD. On display in the Whithorn Priory Museum, Whithorn, Dumfries and Galloway.


Date Made
900 AD-1100 AD
870 x 390 x 80mm
Property Information
Whithorn Priory Museum
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