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Graduate Survey and Recording Trainee, Puravi Kumar, Om Hindu Mandir.
  1. We are committed to following the key principles of the Volunteer Charter, which was developed through a partnership with Volunteer Scotland and Scottish Trade Unions Congress.
  2. We provide volunteers with opportunities to get involved in well planned projects, offering support and supervision throughout the experience.
  3. We respect personal decisions relating to levels of engagement and understand that your time is given freely and without obligation. 
  4. We make every reasonable effort to make sure that activities are risk assessed and all levels of risk are controlled so far as is reasonably practicable. Volunteers are covered by HES insurance.
  5. We provide relevant training to ensure volunteers feel competent to carry out roles.
  6. We aim to be as inclusive as we can and will consider any adjustments we can reasonably make to accommodate individual health and wellbeing requirements.
  7. We maintain regular communication to ensure volunteers are getting the most from the role.
  8. Volunteers have the right to discuss any concerns resulting from volunteering with our management team. If required, concerns may always be raised at a higher level than that of volunteer coordinators, such as our Human Resources Department. 
  9. We reimburse volunteer expenses.
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