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16 July 2015

Hyndford Quarry statement

A statement on our position on an application to extend Hyndford Quarry.

The owners of Hyndford Quarry applied to South Lanarkshire Council in November 2012 to extend their existing quarry. You can find all of the information about the proposals on the Council’s planning portal by searching for CL/12/0525.

South Lanarkshire Council were required to consult Historic Scotland (on behalf of Scottish Ministers) before determining the application. You can read more about Historic Scotland’s role in the planning application here.

Having considered the case in detail, Historic Scotland did not consider that the application raised such concerns that we should object. We looked at all of the issues within our formal role, including the impacts on the Falls of Clyde Designed Landscape and the Outstanding Universal Value of New Lanark World Heritage Site. Our detailed consultation response of 22 January 2013 sets out that consideration in detail. That letter and all of our subsequent communication with the Council are available on the South Lanarkshire Council planning portal.

South Lanarkshire Council were minded to grant consent for the proposal, and were required to notify that decision to Scottish Ministers. Ministers decided to call in the application for their own determination and hearing sessions were held on 19-21 August 2014. Scottish Ministers have now decided that they should not allow consent for the proposed western extension of the quarry (the area within the Designed Landscape and the World heritage Site Buffer Zone). and have issued a Notice of that intention. All of the documents relating to the hearings, the DPEA report and the Notice of Intention are available on the Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA) website.