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1 August 2017

Edinburgh Castle launches exclusive 21st century fashion collection

We are highlighting Scotland’s rich heritage to get ahead in the fashion world with the launch of its exclusive Edinburgh Castle Tweed collection.

A photograph of a set of tweet blankets on top of some rocks with a castle and city in the distance

The organisation’s retail arm is looking to boost its fashion credentials with the launch of the stylish Edinburgh Castle Tweed, in-store and online, with an ageless collection set to rival top end retailers in Scotland.

The 11-piece range includes chic staple pieces and sumptuous homeware items, from long scarves, tote bags and tweed holdalls to cosy throws, wallets and teddy bears, with heritage at the heart of each design.

A photograph of a man in a kilt carrying a large roll of grey and blue tartan at the entrance to a castle, surrounded by tourists

Natasha Troitino, Head of Retail at Historic Environment Scotland, said:
"It’s great to see such high demand for a part of Scottish heritage throughout the seasons but we wanted to create a collection which was more confident style-wise.

"We recognised that there is a growing demand for our Scottish heritage products from further afield, as many tourists like to take a piece of Scottish heritage home with them. We felt it was key to introduce a fashion line which would appeal to our expanding market, both at home and overseas.
Our newly created tweed range will be a huge hit this summer as it truly reflects Scotland’s rich heritage as we put a modern twist on some of our classics." 
The tweed, which is handcrafted by Scottish Knockando Woolmill, was created with inspiration flowing from the castle’s spectacular surroundings; from the cool grey cobbled paths and opulent crown jewels to the views to the Firth of Forth.

The values, history and traditional skills of Knockando Woolmill align perfectly with Historic Environment Scotland’s ethos, particularly in 2017, the Scottish Government’s Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology.

Natasha added:
"Our online site acts as a shop window to the world, showcasing our unique collections on a global scale to tap into those looking for a piece of Scottish heritage in a 21st century style."

The full range of products are also available to buy at the Edinburgh Castle Portcullis gift shop. Prices start from £25.00.

The Historic Scotland online shop offers international shipping to a number of destinations including the USA, Canada, Australia and much of Europe.

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