Priority 3: Building a wellbeing economy

Understand how our historic environment can help current and future generations to live well and our local places to thrive.

Our approach

Our Past, Our Future’s three priority areas for action have been identified through engagement and public consultation. Each priority has a set of three outcomes, making nine in total.

Explore the outcomes and the difference we want to make under Priority 3: Building a wellbeing economy, below.

We will collectively work to deliver this priority throughout the five-year lifespan of the strategy. The more outcomes we achieve, the closer we will be to accomplishing our mission.

Outcome 7

The historic environment makes a responsible contribution to Scotland’s economy

This means the sector contributes to Scotland’s economy, operating within environmental limits, and enabling current and future generations to live well.

Outcome 8

The historic environment provides Fair Work

Fair Work means promoting fair pay, conditions, and employment opportunities across the historic environment sector.

Outcome 9

Increased engagement with the historic environment with a focus on activities that enhance wellbeing

This means encouraging diverse forms of engagement and promoting broader participation with our past so that the historic environment enhances wellbeing.


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Find out how we are looking to sustain and enhance the benefits of Scotland’s historic environment, for people and communities now and into the future.

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Case study: The Ridge

Changing lives through the historic environment at The Ridge

The Ridge in Dunbar was set up in 2012 and has grown organically since. They provide training and support to help people find employment locally, often through the maintenance of historic buildings. They offer a range of practical support to allow more vulnerable members of the community to overcome barriers.

They also promote and make available the health and wellbeing benefits of the historic environment to the local economy. They do this by improving Dunbar town centre as a tourist attraction, as well as an attractive place for local people to live, work, and shop.