Explore how we'll deliver the strategy collaboratively and how we'll communicate progress.

Our approach

Our Past, Our Future is a strategy for everyone and will be delivered collaboratively and collectively. Over its five year lifespan, we will work to deliver all of the outcomes to achieve the strategy mission. In this way, we'll sustain and enhance the benefits of Scotland’s historic environment for people and communities now and into the future.

We will be transparent in how we deliver the strategy by reporting on its progress.

Each year, Scotland’s Historic Environment Forum takes place. This is where leaders and policy-makers from the historic environment and other relevant sectors come together to take stock, discuss emerging and future issues, and set the strategic direction for the year. It was at this forum in 2022 that this new national strategy was announced.

Watch a recording below of Scotland’s Historic Environment Forum in 2022 to listen to the announcement.

Sustainable Investment Tool

We know investment in our existing buildings and heritage contributes to positive outcomes for people, places and the environment. In 2023 the Sustainable Investment Tool - or SIT - was launched to help visualise the positive aspects of doing this well. The SIT is designed to help us understand our places and increase their potential and resilience. It will help everyone, from building owners and local authorities to funding providers and community groups, understand how to discuss and plan a sustainable future for Scotland’s historic environment.

Sustainable Investment Tool
A person in a hard hat and high visibility jacket holding a clipboard standing on scaffolding reviewing and old building

Scotland’s Historic Environment Audit (SHEA)

Since 2007 we have been collecting data on the health of the historic environment and the impact of the resources used to manage and protect it.

Our Past, Our Future incorporates SHEA and will develop it to collect and assess more facts and figures to better report and understand Scotland’s historic environment.

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Together, we'll deliver the priorities of this strategy. We need action across Scotland from a range of different organisations, individuals, and stakeholders.

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Find out how we're using Scotland's historic environment to empower communities and organisations.

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