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James Watt: Power to the World

Selected dates from Thursday 25 April 2019 to Friday 23 August 2019

Engine Shed

Family friendly, General interest
Least technical
A plaque mounted on a wall, commemorating James Watt's invention of the steam Engine

Explore the life, work, and legacy of James Watt and his reinvention of the steam engine in our new exhibition. 

On 25 April 1769, James Watt patented the 'separate condenser'. This invention revolutionised the steam engine, and became the driving force behind the Industrial Revolution. 

In our new exhibition 'James Watt: Power to the World', learn all about who James Watt was, and how he worked hard to create a more effective steam engine. 

Discover the impact he had on Britain's industry, architecture, and engineering, which you can still see today.

Select from 104 available dates until Fri 23 Aug 2019

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