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Language and Landscape: A Workshop

Saturday 4 April 2020

Holyrood Park

A group exploring the dramatic landscape of Holyrood Park

Join us in a discussion about how special events at heritage sites might be used to promote BSL, supporting the aim of the 2015 BSL (Scotland) Act – to incorporate Deaf people fully into all aspects of public life, from early education to culture and the arts. Lunch will be provided, and there will be a ranger-led tour (with BSL interpretation) in the afternoon, so the conversation may continue as we walk around Holyrood Park. 

We will use the workshop to prepare for a pilot event being held in Holyrood Park on 18 July. A Deaf BSL user will be commissioned to perform short stories (with voice over) that will be woven into a standard tour given by a Holyrood Park Ranger. These stories will tell aspects of the park’s history, but also demonstrate the expressive, visual nature of BSL.  

We welcome interested parties, particularly Deaf BSL-users, including those with experience in performing BSL to mixed or hearing audiences. At the workshop, you can register your interest in participating in future HES events that showcase BSL.

This workshop and ranger led tour are free.

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