The tours will take visitors through part of the grounds of Duff House known as the Wrac Woods, exploring their importance to Banff as well as their links with the history of the Duff family. Visitors will hear about the original geography of some of the Duff Estate, stories from its history, and uncover some of the unusual flora and fauna growing there including Trachystemon orientalis, also known as Abraham-Isaac-Jacob.

The tours also provide an opportunity to see the ice house, find out how it worked and go inside the Duff family mausoleum which is normally closed to visitors. Our Volunteer will also highlight some plant and animal species that can been seen in the woods.

Tours start at 11.30am and 2pm, and last about 60 minutes.

Visitors are asked to wear suitable outdoor clothing. Tours are included in admission price, but we suggest visitors call the house on 01261 818181 to book in advance.