Our properties offer over 300 unique filming locations across Scotland.

Recent blockbusters like Under the Skin and Filth, TV series such as Game of Thrones and Outlander, and documentaries including Neil Oliver’s A History of Scotland have used our sites for filming.

Explore our evocative locations for film-makers, TV production companies, and corporate and educational videos. 

Search our properties to find a filming location. 

Download our guide to filming at our properties [PDF, 102KB]

How to apply 

You should complete our filming request form and then email this to events@hes.scot or post it to the address below. 

Alternatively, fill out our online filming request form


The standard charge for filming at our properties is £150 + VAT per hour. 

This fee will be waived if we believe the filming:

  • is educational
  • promotes our organisation
  • is otherwise beneficial to our organisation

Productions that take place outside the normal opening hours for a site, or which require more of our staff to be in attendance, will also incur a Staff Cost Recovery Charge to cover our additional staffing costs.

We may choose not to charge a fee for: 

  • promotional filming – usually small-scale filming, where we judge there to be a promotional benefit to our organisation 
  • student filming – filming carried out by students for non-commercial, educational projects 


You must apply for permission to film at a our properties. We need at least 14 working days’ notice to ensure that permissions are in place in time for filming to go ahead. We will require more notice for complex shoots. 

Unannounced filming at our sites will not be accommodated. 

Student filming requests 

We will consider student requests to film at our sites, and may allow such filming free of charge. We recognise the educational benefit of students planning and carrying out filming projects.

All permission requirements apply equally to students, including the need for risk assessments and public liability insurance.

We will also require a letter from your lecturer, tutor or similar to confirm:

  • the necessity of the filming to your project
  • that the project forms part of an accredited course of study

Filming not considered

Not all themes for filming will be considered by Historic Environment Scotland.

Political filming 

Historic Environment Scotland is a non-departmental public body with charitable status. We look after the Properties in Care on behalf of Scottish Ministers and as such must remain strictly politically neutral at all times. For this reason we do not allow any filming of a political nature whatsoever.

Paranormal filming 

Historic Environment Scotland does not actively promote the use of its sites for the investigation of alleged paranormal activity and we do not encourage activities that would potentially damage the integrity of the site. Consequently, we only allow research which will not be published. For the avoidance of doubt this also means that the investigation process relating to such research also cannot be publicised. Prior to any such work at our site a contract to this effect would be required. Filming requests of this nature are unlikely to be granted permission.

Inappropriate filming 

Historic Environment Scotland will not permit or accommodate requests for filming that are deemed unsuitable insofar as they do not align with the organisation’s objectives or are considered to be blasphemous, salacious or derogatory in nature.


Events and Filming Team 
Historic Environment Scotland 
Longmore House 
Salisbury Place 
EH9 1SH 

Telephone: 0131 668 8885 
Email: events@hes.scot