Rebels and Redcoats

Meet two soldiers on opposing sides of the Jacobite Rising and hear their very different feelings about Bonnie Prince Charlie and the '45

Explore Edinburgh Castle and the National War Museum's collection and find out how the rebellion failed.

This full day activity is a joint initiative between Historic Environment Scotland and the National War Museum of Scotland.

Edinburgh Castle exterior at night, lit by orange lights
  • Location

    Edinburgh Castle

  • Booking

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  • Booking Phone Number

    0131 652 8155/8156

  • Dates

    March 11, 12, 13, 14 (2019)

  • Times

    10.30am first venue, 12.30pm second venue

  • Duration

    90 minutes each venue (30 minutes lunch break)

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  • Level

    Second (P4 - 7)

  • Subjects

    Social Studies (History)
    Social Studies (Jacobites)