Pictish Life Resource

Learn about Pictish life at Meigle Museum with this hands-on resource

Bring your site visit to life by booking a box of high quality handling objects to use as part of your visit.

Download accompanying support materials from our website.

A decorative mirror from the handling box on the Picts
  • Location

    Meigle Sculptured Stone Museum

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    Contact Meigle Museum direct

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    01828 640612

  • Dates

    Aug - Sept (2017) April - June (2018). By arrangement

  • Times

    By arrangement

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    By arrangement

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  • Level

    First (P1 - 4)
    Second (P4 - 7)
    Third & Fourth (S1 -3)
    Senior Phase (S4 - 6)

  • Subjects

    Social Studies (History)