Meet Robert the Bruce

It is 1308 and Robert the Bruce has become King of Scots - but he is in a dilemma so has come to Dunfermline to seek advice

Find out why the Abbey is a special place for him, help him to decide whether to forgive or to seek revenge, then complete his design task.

Dunfermline Abbey and part of the cemetery
  • Location

    Dunfermline Abbey and Palace

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    01738 825925

  • Dates

    Aug - Oct 2019; March - June 2020 - By arrangement

  • Times

    10.30am, 12.30pm

  • Duration

    90 minutes

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  • Cost

    £70 per session

  • Level

    Second (P4 - 7)

  • Subjects

    Expressive Arts (Art & Design)
    Social Studies (History)