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Dallas Dhu Distillery Souvenir Guide

Front cover of Dallas Dhu Distillery Souvenir Guide

Dallas Dhu whisky distillery closed in 1983, less than 100 years after it opened. But today, the building remains largely unchanged, with machinery and fixtures that offer a tantalising insight into the Victorian whisky industry.

This illustrated and insightful official guide revisits the old-world secrets of whisky production, and takes an intelligent look at the lives of the workforce.

  • Audiences:

    Members, Visitors
  • Date Published:

    18 October 2018
  • Publisher:

    Historic Environment Scotland
  • Publication Types:

    Official Souvenir Guide
  • Author(s):

    Kirsty Owen

    Kirsty is Senior Archaeology Manager at Historic Environment Scotland
  • Format(s):

    40 pages, 189mm x 2146mm
  • Language: