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Duff House Souvenir Guide

Front cover of Duff House souvenir guide

The construction of Duff House was fraught with mounting budgets, frayed tempers and lawsuits. As a result, the plans of the great architect William Adam never came to fruition in full.

But despite these troubled beginnings, Duff House became one of the most magnificent country houses anywhere in Britain.

Much of the house’s original grandeur has either survived or been recreated, while its role as a place to display artworks has been gloriously revived.

This book provides an illustrated guide to the house’s architecture and rooms, highlights the key artworks on display, and tells the colourful stories of its remarkable builder and residents.

  • Audiences:

    Members, Visitors
  • Date Published:

    18 October 2018
  • Publisher:

    Historic Environment Scotland
  • Publication Types:

    Official Souvenir Guide
  • Author(s):

    Judith Anderson

    Judith is Senior Cultural Significance Advisor at Historic Environment Scotland
  • Format(s):

    64 pages, 189mm x 246mm
  • Language: