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Annual Operating Plan 2018-19

Front cover of our annual operating plan 2018-19

This is the third Annual Operating Plan for Historic Environment Scotland. It describes what we aim to achieve in the third year of our Corporate Plan, building on the work of 2016-17 and 2017-18. It explains how we will invest our budget and the difference we aim to make in delivering the priorities of the Corporate Plan under the following themes:

  • Lead – we will fulfil a leading and enabling role in the historic environment sector through our activities and by supporting, empowering and collaborating with others to secure the brightest future for our nation’s historic environment

  • Understand – we will increase knowledge and understanding of the historic environment through investigation, research and recording

  • Protect – we will protect the historic environment through regulation, conservation, collection and investment

  • Value – we will promote the value of the historic environment through education, learning, outreach and skill-sharing

  • Perform – we will create a high-performing organisation that is well-equipped to meet day-to-day challenges, and to improve the way we work and the quality of service we provide