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Jedburgh Abbey Souvenir Guide

Front cover of Jedburgh Abbey souvenir guide

Jedburgh Abbey stands as one of Scotland’s most elegant examples of 12th century architecture. Originally built by King David I, and restored by the 9th Marquis of Lothian, this guidebook tells the story of Jedburgh Abbey using stunning pictures and stirring prose.

From the original founding in the 1100s, to conservation, restoration and excavation works in the 1930s and 1980s, this guidebooks explains more about the storied history of this medieval Augustinian abbey and the highly contested Scottish border with England.

  • Audiences:

    Members, Visitors
  • Date Published:

    18 October 2018
  • Publisher:

    Historic Environment Scotland
  • Publication Types:

    Official Souvenir Guide
  • Author(s):

    Adrian Cox

    Adrian is Senior Cultural Resources Advisor at Historic Environment Scotland
  • Format(s):

    36 pages, 189mm x 246mm
  • Language: