This early medieval was made around 800, when Kenneth MacAlpin was king of the Picts and Scots. It may well be the most vital historic monument for dating the founding of Scotland.

The Dupplin Cross once stood in the grounds of Dupplin Castle, above the ancient Pictish royal centre of Forteviot. Today it’s on display in St Serf’s Church. Carvings on four panels depict military and religious ideas of kingship. Uniquely, it bears one inscription in Latin and another in Ogham.

The four panels show:

• King David wrenching open the jaws of a lion or bear

• the Harpist King, with a beast above that is swallowing its tail

• a king on horseback, with four foot soldiers below

• two standing beasts, paws entwined, above two foot soldiers

The Dupplin Cross was moved from its original position in 1998 to preserve it.


Date Made
9th century
2616 x 940 x 330mm
Property Information
St Serf's Church
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