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Properties in Care collections

Discover historic objects, works of art and archaeological artefacts found at sites ranging from prehistoric villages to Victorian mills.

A stained glass window from Trinity House Maritime Museum in Leith, Edinburgh.

Explore a wealth of objects from archaeological settlements, castles, abbeys, historic houses and industrial sites in our care – including many of Scotland’s most culturally significant objects.

This large and diverse collection provides a key source of evidence for understanding and appreciating our properties and everyday life and key events in Scotland’s past.

Explore our collections of:

  • architectural fabric – from elaborately carved stones to colourful window glass
  • archaeology – finds discovered at our properties, from prehistoric necklaces to medieval shoes
  • sculptural stones – some of Scotland’s most distinctive carved stones, including Pictish symbol stones and crosses 
  • social history – objects representing domestic, personal and community life 
  • industry – objects associated with industrial production from cotton to whisky
  • maritime – objects connected with lighthouses, shipping, whaling and fishing
  • military – a daunting array of weapons, armour, uniforms and medals
  • fine and decorative arts – creative works representing landmarks, buildings and personalities from Scotland’s past
  • books and archives – printed media relating to our properties, from company archives to antiquarian library collections
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