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Dr Coinneach Maclean

Dr Coinneach Maclean is an archaeologist and former Deputy Chief Executive of the National Trust for Scotland. He is a Gaelic speaker, brought up on the island of South Uist.

A career spanning deer farming, community business development and housing investment has given Dr Maclean an understanding of the economic and cultural challenges facing many communities particularly those north of the ‘Highland Line’.  

Whilst at the National Trust for Scotland, Dr Maclean developed a deep appreciation of the complexities involved in the stewardship of natural and heritage assets.  

His doctoral thesis examined Gaeldom’s place in the grand narrative of Scotland as it is presented in its mass tourism industry.  

Dr Maclean is a member of the Scottish Committee of the National House Building Council and a trustee of Auchindrain Trust. 
Dr Maclean does not hold any other ministerial appointments.His appointment is from 19 January 2018 to 18 January 2022.