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Electronic Purchasing Card payments

View and download reports of Electronic Purchasing Card payments over £500 made by Historic Environment Scotland.

Each monthly report below provides details of Electronic Purchasing Card (ePC) – formerly the Government Procurement Card – transactions with a monetary value over £500 for the relevant period.

Each report shows the:

  • supplier name
  • spend code (used to identify categories of spend)
  • spend description
  • amount paid

A summary of spending below £500 is also given to show the overall monthly spend through the ePC scheme. These reports are a significant step in complying with the Scottish Government’s commitment to further openness and transparency.

ePCs are payment charge cards – not credit cards. They are a highly efficient, low cost and transparent way of making payments for low value, non-recurring goods and services, and their use is rigorously monitored and audited.

The cards cannot be used to withdraw cash and the scope for the purchase of goods or services is restricted.

The contract for the provision of ePCs is currently with RBS.


ePC transactions over £500: Jan-Nov 2018 (HES and HESe)

ePC transactions over £500: 2017 (HES and HESe)

ePC transactions over £500: 2016 (HES and HESe)

ePC transactions over £500: 2015

GPC transactions over £500: Sept 2013 to Dec 2014