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Equality at Historic Environment Scotland

Find out more about our first Equality Outcomes and Mainstreaming Report

This document outlines how we are working to deliver our public sector equalities duties and achieve our vision that Scotland’s historic environment is cherished, understood, shared and enjoyed with pride, by everyone.

It shows our ongoing commitment to equalities and the progress we have made in:

  • widening access to the historic environment for people with disabilities
  • engaging with children and young people
  • increasing the appreciation and enjoyment of the historic environment by minority ethnic communities in Scotland
  • sharing and celebrating places of importance to LGBT+ communities in Scotland
  • growing the number of volunteer opportunities in HES
  • supporting equality of opportunity and diversity within our workforce

Equality outcomes

It also sets out the four equality outcomes which we aim to achieve by April 2021. These outcomes have been informed by qualitative and quantitative data from a range of sources, including employee statistics, and feedback from equality groups and networks.

Our equality outcomes for 2017-21 are:

  1. Through the delivery of our services, people who are under-represented as a result of a protected or other characteristic are more able to engage with the historic environment.
  2. The quality and impact of decision making is enhanced by giving due regard to equality in setting our strategy and policies, and in our partnership working.
  3. Our Board, workforce and volunteer profile broadly reflects Scotland’s demographics.
  4. Our workforce welcomes, values and promotes inclusiveness.
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