We’re continually learning more about how climate change affects the historic environment and how to manage the impacts. 

Our research helps us to work out how best to adapt to climate change, improve energy efficiency and cut carbon emissions.

On an ongoing basis, we:

  • record, monitor and research the impacts
  • research and develop techniques to adapt our historic environment to the changing climate
  • provide advice and guidance on a range of issues 
  • work with government, stakeholders and the public to raise awareness of the issues and share our guidance

Archaeology projects

Coastal erosion and increased storminess are major concerns. Currently, about 10% of the £1.5m Archaeology Programme funding is spent on coastal erosion projects. 

More rain more often also increases soil erosion, which can have a severe impact on buried archaeological sites.

Strategic activities

Historic Environment Scotland’s key actions around adapting to climate change are set out in Climate Ready Scotland: Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme.

These actions include realising our Climate Change Action Plan.


Climate Change Team
Historic Environment Scotland
Longmore House
Salisbury Place

Telephone: 0131 668 8577
Email: climatechange@hes.scot