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Why your support matters

Your generosity can help protect 5,000 years of Scottish history.

Aerial image of the Broch of Gurness on Orkney

The historic environment is Scotland’s story and it belongs to all of us. It’s part of our everyday lives, it shapes our identity, it tells us about the past, the present – and even points the way to the future. With your support we can do more to share all our stories and look after Scotland’s heritage now and in the years to come.

Your support will help us to;

  • Do more to conserve our valuable places, collections and archives
  • Provide more opportunities for everyone to learn about Scotland’s rich history
  • Increase the breadth and depth of our research
  • Train even more craftspeople to keep traditional skills alive
  • Do more to adapt to the challenges of climate change

It’s thanks to the generosity of people all over the world that we can go above and beyond to protect Scotland’s heritage. We’re very grateful that you’re considering making a donation to us.

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Together let’s make sure Scotland’s heritage can continue to be cherished, understood, shared and enjoyed with pride by everyone.

If you would like to discuss how your donation could support our work please email us on fundraising@hes.scot

How we use your donations

Over the years, your donations have helped us to do more to bring Scotland’s history to life. Your valuable contributions have supported us to train specialists, invest in new technologies and share more of Scotland’s story with more people.

The beautiful tapestries at Stirling Castle were paid for through generous donations. The Quinque Foundation of the United States played a particularly important role in making these glorious tapestries possible.

a woman stands on a scaffold wearing a hard hat and high visibility vest, while se examines a large tapestry

Conservation of The Unicorn Leaps Out of the Stream tapestry

Donations also help us to embrace new technologies for investigating Scotland’s history. This surveying equipment was bought with donations and helps us to investigate Scotland’s hidden history.

A woman pushes a large machine through a field. It looks a bit like a large metal gate on wheels.

An archeologist using surveying equipment supported through the Historic Scotland Foundation